The Story of an unparalleled development

In the year 1991, when Omshakthy Agencies (Madras) Private Limited (OSAL) incorporated , the purpose was to consolidate land that would be used for small projects in the future and this will include a plethora of options such as setting up of industries, Special Economic  Zones (SEZ) and most importantly residential spaces around prime locations in the city.

It was the year 1998 when OSAL took its first steps into the construction business as a contractor and took order from third parties .

Our sincerity, high standards of quality and professionalism has turned this venture into a success. We have developed successfully and delivered project that value in excess of 5 million sq ft combined from the beginning.  

We, at Omshakthy Agencies (Madras) Private Limited (OSAL) are proud of the fact that our success is based on transparency and on our capabilities only.

The high quality of the end results has helped us in successfully making a foray into residential projects which have started since the mid 2006. Our first project was a relatively small one in K.K. Nagar and from since then we have only grown exponentially and have set our aims at becoming Chennai’s top developers in the coming years.  



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